Martha: At age 65 and of course, post menopausal, I found the weight I gained
gradually each year, had brought me to the realization of: ” I can’t ignore
this anymore.”  I’d reached a weight that I’ve never been before even during
pregnancy.  I was wearing size 16 and they were starting to get snug.  I had
never been a dieter in my life and on a fixed income I couldn’t even
consider those diets where you had to buy their pre-packed meals.  Hip and
neck injuries counted me out of the high aerobic exercise programs.  Also my
eating habits were not very good.  I live alone and wasn’t cooking much so I
wasn’t eating very healthy.  Then a friend told me what she was doing and
that she was having success. It’s called hCG and it is drops that you take
during the day.  I thought, “I could do that.”  When she told me the cost, I
felt I was worth investing 2 tanks of gas to help get my weight down to
where I can stand to look at myself in a mirror.  It was very easy to do.
10 drops in the morning and I would take them with me in my purse so I’d
have them for the noon time drops.  Then 10 more before dinner.  I was so
excited as I saw on the scale each morning, pounds coming off and I wasn’t
starving myself to do it.  I had more energy, and slept better not to
mention my self esteem started climbing as well.  It’s now past my 3 weeks
of maintenance and I’ve lost 26 lbs and only put 3 back on.  I’m proud to
say that I’m now is size 12 and working on 10.  I’d recommend HCG to anyone
that wants to invest back in themselves.    I’ve learned to cook for myself
and make better choices.
Washington State

BCE: I am a 33 year old family man. I have always enjoyed being active, I love roadbikeing, lifting weights, surfing. With the pace that life seems to set, it’s hard to find enough time to do the things I love. Over the past few years a few pounds snuck up! I wanted to lose about 7 lbs and thought I would try hCG. It worked. I lost 7 lbs in about a week. I enjoyed the diet loved the simplicity of the food and will do it again if the pounds sneak up.
San Diego, Ca

Suzanne 48: I think the hCG (drops) diet is amazing.  Let me tell you why.  After being on the diet just 3 weeks, the first phase, I had lost 15 pounds! …(in less than a month)  Now, I’m into the second phase and still losing, and that’s with eating cheese, peanut butter and nuts!  Just yesterday, I went out and bought a pair of size 8 skinny jeans. I’m so excited!  Who would have thought, a 48 year old, mother of 4 children, in size 8 skinny jeans.  At some point on most diets, you are going to see results, but with hCG, I love it, because you see results immediately.  And, it isn’t like you have to be on the diet for the rest of your life, 6 weeks is all, less than  2 months.  I also found that the diet was very easy to stick to.  Anyone that is considering trying the diet should just do it!

Andrea says: I’m 41 years old and a single mom. I’ve been on a downhill slide with my weight for 4 years. Since my divorce and new job, food had become my best friend. Unfortunately I had ballooned 40 pounds. I didn’t have time in my schedule  for exercise. I was just going through the motions of life, very unhappy with my appearance. I realized that if I wanted to meet someone to I would have to give some attention to my appearance. Then a friend told me about hCG. “Do you have 3 weeks, he said?” “Of the rest of your life, do you have 3 weeks?” “Of course, I said, I can do anything for 3 weeks.” He gave me some hCG and some instructions. I was not hungry (still no time for the gym) and in 23 days I lost 21 pounds! I read that if you wanted to go longer you could go up to 43 days, so because I was watching the weight come off (all over) I kept going. I am down 38 pounds, back into my clothes and plan to do another round after summer (go for another 10-15 lbs). I feel my confidence coming back, “Hello world!”
St. Louis, Mo.

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